Civil Protection Orders

There are times when you or your children may no longer feel safe around your significant other, spouse, or close family member.   If you or your children have been subjected to physical harm, threats of physical harm, mental or emotional abuse, financial control, property control (including control of family pets), or coercion, then you may need protection through the issuance of a Civil Protection Order.  The Court can order that person to stay away from you, your children, your home, your work, and your school.  The Court can also issue temporary orders regarding care and control of the children.  This order can stay in place for up to one year.

There are also times when a person has had a temporary civil protection order served upon them and they need help defending against that order.

In either situation, the civil protection order process can be very confusing and scary. We are available to help you with any civil protection order needs you may have, even on short notice.

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