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At Dawn O’Neil, P.C. , my legal and mediation services are centered on achieving positive legal outcomes through non-adversarial means. As an attorney and trained litigator, I know how to win in court.  But where families are involved, often times if the goal is to “win”, then everyone loses.  In a divorce the assets need to be untangled, but the relationship, whether through children, relatives or mutual friends, will likely continue in some form.  I will help you obtain your fair share of the family assets and help you restructure your relationship with your spouse so that you have a long-term plan for the future that works.  In most cases, I recommend a collaborative approach and/or mediation in order to minimize costs and avoid the emotional damage caused by litigation.  When a collaborative divorce or mediation is not appropriate, I will zealously represent you in reaching settlement on as many issues as possible without court intervention, leaving litigation only as last resort.

Comprehensive Family Law Services


Let’s be honest, divorce is difficult for everyone involved.  Even if you are the original party seeking divorce, the process is stressful and emotionally challenging.  When you retain me as your divorce attorney, I take the time to listen to your specific story and discuss all of your concerns. After careful analysis of your case, I inform you of potential outcomes as well as best options for moving forward. My main objective is to help you make informed legal decisions which lead to achieving your goals outside the courtroom with as little emotional damage as possible.  Keep in mind that if you have children, the relationship with your spouse may change, but you will still be connected.   I will work with you to restructure your family, with the goal of developing a working family model that serves the best interest of your children and helps you look to a brighter future for yourself and your family.

Collaborative Divorce

In order to avoid the cost and emotional damage of litigation, you and your spouse may want to consider a collaborative divorce.  The collaborative model does not involve litigation or other court intervention.  Instead, each spouse retains a separate collaboratively trained attorney who provides confidential legal advice.  The attorneys work with their clients and other neutral experts, on an as-needed basis to reach agreements regarding separation of marital property and parenting plans in order to create a post-divorce family structure that works for all parties.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a process that allows you and your spouse to sit down in a safe neutral environment and, with the help of a mediator, discuss and reach agreement on issues in your divorce.  You and your spouse will explore options and come to your own agreements, without court intervention.  As a trained interest-based mediator, I offer divorce mediation to help you and your spouse come to an amicable agreement regarding separation of property and parenting plans.  Once an agreement is reached, I will be responsible to write up your agreements for signing.  As a mediator, I will not be acting as the attorney for either you or your spouse.  In fact, I will recommend that you and your spouse seek separate legal counsel before signing any final mediated agreement.

Custody, visitation and parenting time

Issues of parenting time are some of the most difficult matters to address during a divorce. I take a rational approach to advising my clients on custody and visitation. In cases that do not involve abuse, it is highly important for children to have access to both parents post-divorce. I provide my clients with creative and ethical legal strategies, aimed at achieving positive results for them and their children.


In the state of Colorado, alimony also known as “maintenance” laws are complex and take into account a number of factors, including length of the marriage, current salaries of both spouses and future earning potential. I help clients understand their rights under alimony laws and work to ensure they obtain favorable results.


Many times, after a divorce is finalized, significant life changes will cause one party to seek a modification in the final order regarding such issues as child support, alimony/ maintenance, child custody or visitation. I will help you work through the process of bringing or defending against modification requests to reach agreements that are in the best interest of you and your family.

Common-law marriages

When looking at issues of divorce, Colorado is one of the few remaining states that treats common law marriages in the same manner as legal unions. I will help you assess whether your situation qualifies as common law marriage, and if so, advocate for your fair rights.

Grandparents’ rights 

The rights of grandparents as third parties to their grandchildren can be legally difficult to promote. If you are seeking custody or visitation rights to your grandkids, my law firm can advise you on your legal rights as well as the merits of your case.

Unbundled Legal Services   

Individuals who do not wish to have an attorney present to them in divorce court or in mediation, may request unbundled legal services.  Unbundled services may include legal consultation regarding the divorce process, advice on specific issues, or help writing up legal documents.  While this model can lower litigation costs, effective unbundled services can only be provided, and will only be provided by my firm, when the client has fully disclosed of all relevant documents and information.

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