Child Support

It is very important to all parties involved that the current child support payments correctly reflect the current needs of the parties.

For the parent receiving child support, receiving a child support payment that is correctly calculated based upon the current incomes of the parties, the current medical, educational, and work-related needs of the child or parent, will greatly affect that parents ability to properly provide for his or her child. When the other party has gotten a raise or changed jobs, a modification of the current child support may be necessary. Also, if you, as the receiving parent, have incurred medical bills, certain daycare expenses, or school costs, you may also want to modify child support, so that the other parent will have an obligation to help you cover those increased costs.

For the parent paying child support, the costs of a monthly support payment can be exorbitant. For you, it is also very important to make sure that you are not over-paying child support. If you have recently received a demotion or lost your job, you may be able to lower the current child support amount, taking into account this change in circumstance. Also, if you believe the other party has received a raise, or a new job, which has increased their earning ability, you may be able to lower your monthly child support obligation.

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